And Finally

The Guide

We have now covered a bit about the Wels catfish its self, distribution, history in Britain and what tackle, rigs and baits you will need to target them. This website is not intended as an encyclopaedic Bible on catfishing. It is merely a guide to catching catfish based on my experience. I may have made omissions and I may have included things that you don’t agree with. But that is all part of fishing and life, we are not all the same. Whatever, tackle, rigs and baits you choose to use in your pursuit of the Wels catfish, as long as they are as safe as possible, I wish you luck.

If you are new to catfishing, or have never even targeted them I hope that this site has given you some information, ideas and the desire to target this amazing fish. If you have a specific question, want further advice or disagree with what I say and want to give an alternative approach, please feel free to join the forum and enter into our discussions. We will also be holding regular fish-ins and would welcome any ‘newbies’ along to these. Hopefully you will soon be uploading pictures of the catfish that you have caught to our gallery.

Fishing for the Wels catfish is not easy, they have infrequent feeding spells and can be very frustrating. You may suffer many blank nights targeting them, but one night your alarm will scream off and you will be connected to the hardest fighting freshwater fish in Britain. When you get that fish on the bank I hope that you will appreciate what a fantastic fish the Wels catfish is and that we will have another convert to catfishing in the UK.

Dave Mutton
Catfishing UK.